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Keynote Address
Beyond Commercials: Food Marketing to Children in the 21st Century

Susan Linn, Associate Director, Media Center, Judge Baker Children's Center and Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
View Susan Linn’s presentation

Public and Private Responses to Junk Food Marketing to Children

Moderator, Michele Simon

Government Regulation of Food Marketing to Children: The Federal Trade Commission and the Kid-Vid Controversy
Tracy Westen, Center for Governmental Studies and former Deputy
Director for Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission
View Tracy Westen's presentation

Assessing the Effectiveness of Self-Regulation: A Case Study of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit
Ellen Fried, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Yale University
View Ellen Fried’s presentation

State Legislation to Address Junk Food in Schools: An Analysis of Corporate Lobbying and Deception to Undermine Children’s Health
Michele Simon, Center for Informed Food Choices and University of California, Hastings College of the Law
View Michele Simon’s presentation

Litigation as a Tool to Limit Food Advertising to Children
Steve Gardner, Center for Science in the Public Interest
View Stephen Gardner’s presentation
First Amendment Implications of Restricting Food Marketing to Children

Moderator, David Yosifon

Commercial Speech and Advertising: Lessons Learned from the Tobacco Wars
Randolph Kline, Public Health Law Program
View Randolph Kline’s presentation

A Public Health Approach to the Commercial Speech Doctrine
Jason Smith, Public Health Advocacy Institute
View Jason Smith’s presentation

Resisting Deep Capture: The Commercial Speech Doctrine and Junk Food Advertising to Children
David Yosifon, Rutgers University School of Law
View David Yosifon’s presentation

Restricting the Marketing of Junk Food to Children by Product Placement and Character Selling
Angela Campbell, Georgetown University Law Center
View Angela Campbell’s presentation

Opportunities for Implementing Change
Moderator, Michele Simon

Community-driven Strategies and Policy Tools to Curb Food Marketing and Change the Food Environment for Children at the Local Level
Amanda Shaffer, Occidental College
View Amanda Shaffer’s presentation


Ideas from Panelists and Audience

Date: Friday, October 21, 2021
Time: 1-5pm
Location: Robinson Courtroom, Girardi Advocacy Center
On the campus of Loyola Law School
919 Albany Street, Los Angeles, CA
For directions to the campus, go to
Parking is available on campus at a cost of $6.
Admission: Free,
but an RSVP would be appreciated.  Please RSVP to
Bridget Klink: (213) 736-1407 or

For more information contact Michele Simon, Symposium Coordinator, at
(510) 465-0322 or


Read the rave reviews from just a few of the 200+ fans who enjoyed CIFC's hugely successful third annual comedy show:

"That was the best comedy show yet. Not only a big crowd, but the comedians were all consistently funny. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite. So much laughing my face hurt. Thanks for hosting the most entertaining fundraisers of any nonprofit. I love them and will keep coming!"
-- Patti Breitman

"The comedy show last night was the best ever! The comedians were great and it's even better when there is a full house that was really enjoying it. We can hardly wait for Comedy Show IV."
-- Ann and Larry Wheat

It was FANTASTIC! I laughed till I cried! The comedians get better every year, and what a great turnout!
-- Marie Mason

"Congrats on putting on quite a program last night. We and our friends really enjoyed all of the comedians. My face hurt from laughing so much!"
-- Linda Hillel

"That was the best stand-up comedy show I've ever been to!"
-- Jon Eisenberg

"Great show last night! Kick-ass, best yet!"
-- Joe Connelly, editor, VegNews magazine


Read the rave reviews of CIFC's second comedy night!

Thank you, your committee, the comedians, and caterer for a fabulous evening. Ross Turner did a very clever entertaining job as comedian auctioneer; very animated. We enjoyed the other comedians also; such fun. The caterer did a great job in preparing a nice selection of very tasty sweets.
-- Ann and Larry Wheat, Millennium Restaurant

CIFC pulled off another spectacular evening which was a ton of fun. I laughed until it hurt. And the food was fabulous. Bravo. Big congrats!
-- Davy Davidson, VegTime

Your event was fantastic. I thought it was top-notch. All of the comedians were hilarious, the food was delicious, and the auction was fun. It was a classy, unique affair that you be should very proud of. Congratulations on a successful event. It needs to be held annually at the very least!
-- Colleen Holland, VegNews

I thought the whole thing was just wonderful. I laughed heartily at all three comedians and would definitely go to any show where any of them was appearing. I was just delighted by the whole evening; everything was fun. It was like an evening at summer camp.
-- Marie Mason