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Past Issues

March 2006 Interview with Richard Daynard on Parallels with Tobacco
February 2006 Economics of Fast Food: It’s the Burgers Stupid; Industrialized Food Linked to Mental Illness; Suing the Pants Off SpongeBob
January 2006 Top Researchers Slam Food Marketers; Coca-Cola Facing Campus Boycotts; School Soda Lawsuit Planned
November 2005 Special Report: Food Marketing to Children and the Law
September 2005 Fast Food Clusters Near Schools; France Bans School Vending; Soda Industry Publicity Stunt
August 2005 Special Report on Food Marketing to Children; Junk Food's Health Crusade; Protect Your Legal Rights
June 2005 American Diabetes Association Sells Out; Coke Teaching Kids about Nutrition; School Food Legislation Round-up
May 2005 MyPyamid, Inc.: Big Food Hijacks Nutrition Guide; Food Giants on the Run: Industry Rewrites Laws to Avoid Liability; Call for Papers on Food Advertising to Children
March 2005 Focus on Schools: Kentucky Four-Year Battle Ends in Compromise; Update on California's Cutting-Edge Bills; Resources for School Nutrition
February 2005 Chutzpah Award: Fighting for the Right to Advertise to Kids; More States Would Bar Obesity Lawsuits; Why Uncle Sam Won’t Tell You What Not to Eat
January 2005 Coke Should Stop Acting Like Big Tobacco; Fat Tax Deserves Another Look; Curbing Junk Food Advertising to Kids
December 2004 CDC Scrambles to Correct Obesity Statistics; Industry Front Group Faces IRS Scrutiny; Guest Article by Marion Nestle

November 2004 Chutzpah Award: Chuck E. Cheese's Targets Schools; Michigan Bans Obesity Lawsuits; Chicago Schools Say No More Coke

October 2004 Food Industry Legal Conference; Beware of Industry Front Groups; If You Can't Legislate, Litigate
September 2004 Commentary: Back to School Junk Food; "Nutri-washing" -- Big Food's PR Spin
August 2004 Tyson Foods: Meat is Power; U.S. Farm Subsidies in Jeopardy; Texas Sets School Nutrition Guidelines
July 2004 Uncle Sam Teams up with Ronald McDonald; New USDA Staffers Enter Through Revolving Door; Feds Tell Schools to Adopt Wellness Policies
June 2004 Special Issue: TIME/ABC News Obesity Summit Report
May 2004 Chutzpah Award: McDonald's Balanced Lifestyles; Warning: Food Might be Addictive; Editorial: Global Obesity Politics
April 2004 Uncle Sam Wants You to Take Small Steps; Local Residents Oppose McDonald's; Obesity Lawsuit Editorial
March 2004 The Study of Coke; More States Ban Obesity Lawsuits; UK Seeks to Ban Toy Promotions
February 2004 Politics of Global Obesity; Chutzpah Award: Frito-Lay Food Guide Pyramid; Foreign Resistance to the Real Thing; Real Reasons to be Mad about Beef
January 2004 Mad Dash to Spin Mad Cow, Legislators and Litigators Take on Obesity, Media Watch: ABC News Special on Food Politics
December 2003 When Less Cheese Really Means More; Dietary Guidelines Update: Dj vu All Over Again; Warning to Parents: This Food Rated J for Junk; New Serving Size: The Whole Box
November 2003 USDA's Connection to Summer of Cheese Drawing Heat; Industry Chutzpah Award: KFC Promotes Fried Chicken as a Health Food; Menu Labeling Bill Hits the Federal Level
October 2003 Book review of Food Fight; Dietary Guidelines Revamp Underway; Food Industry Conference on Children's "Nutrition"; Lawsuit Against McDonald's Thrown Out (again)
May/June 2003 Is Junk Food the Next Tobacco?; Big Sugar vs. WHO; California Takes on Obesity in Schools
Mar/Apr 2003 Fat Land (book review); "This is Your Food on Drugs" media spotlight on biopharming
Jan/Feb 2003 Fair-Trade Coffee; Beyond Potlucks: Why Vegetarian Advocates Should Broaden Their Agenda
Nov/Dec 2002 Increasing "industrialization" of the growing market for organic foods; Big Food's stepped-up efforts to introduce industrial foods abroad
Sept/Oct 2002 Premiere issue of Informed Eating; Food Industry Watch; Your Tax Dollars at Work
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