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CIFC’s director Michele Simon is currently collecting stories for a book she’s writing on battling big food. We want to hear from you about what's going in your area. Examples of the types of stories we want to hear about include:

Lobbying: Many states around the country are trying to pass nutrition-related legislation (e.g., limiting junk food in schools or requiring nutrition labeling in restaurants), but the food industry is lobbying hard to stop or weaken these efforts. Send us stories of corporate lobbying in your state.

Soda Contracts in Schools: Many schools have signed "exclusive pouring rights" contracts with big soda companies, but are now trying to get out of them. We want to hear from you if you're embroiled in a fight over a school soda contract.

Marketing to Kids: Junk food marketing to kids is out of control. If you are a parent or someone who cares about children's health and see an ad or marketing strategy (such as toy tie-ins) that you are outraged by, we want to hear from you.

Positive Alternatives: Many schools and communities are working hard to provide wholesome fresh, local food as an alternative to highly processed junk. If you involved in or know of any success stories, we’d like to hear from you.

Any information you send us will be strictly held strictly confidential, if you so desire. When sending your stories, please tell us where you are writing from and who we can contact for more information. Please understand that with limited resources, we can't guarantee follow-up on all stories we receive.

Call: (510) 465-0322
U.S. mail: CIFC, PO Box 16053, Oakland, CA

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