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Junk Food Marketing to Kids - Legal Analysis

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Last October, I coordinated a legal symposium with Loyola Law School in Los Angeles called Food Marketing to Children and the Law. An important goal was to help dispel many of the myths perpetuated by a defensive food industry about its predatory marketing techniques. The result was a huge success. We brought together some of the brightest and most dedicated legal thinkers in the nation. The published articles from that symposium are now available. Topics include the history of the Federal Trade Commission’s attempt to regulate in the 1970s, the failure of industry self-regulation, First Amendment analysis, and much more. You can view the presentations from last fall here or order a copy of the special issue here. For copies of individual articles, contact me at:

Welcome to my blog!

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Loyal fans of my newsletter, Informed Eating and newcomers alike, welcome. It seems that almost everyone these days is blogging, so I figured I better jump in. What can you expect from Big Food Watch? The same edgy, cutting-edge news and analysis you’ve come to expect from my writing. For now, the blog will replace the newsletter as I experiment with the format. Blogging will allow me to be more responsive to the news as it happens. You can also keep up to date as I promote my new book, Appetite for Profit, this fall.

We will still maintain the mailing list (sign up here), but now instead of getting the newsletter, you will receive periodic emails alerting you to my latest blog postings. Not to worry, we won’t clog your in-box. You can expect mailings on average maybe twice a month. If you want me to post something or if you have any feedback at all, please feel free to contact me at: Let’s get started!